Blissoma – A truly natural skin care brand

by in Our Brands, Skin Care, What we love March 1, 2018

Watch the Video Presentation with Julie Longyear Brand formulator for the clean beauty Blissoma natural skin care brand.

Being healthy with glowing skin is sexy, we love natural and organic skin care ingredients, they make a positive difference to our health and it makes us feel good and empowered that we are also supporting ecologically sound business ideals.

We have found that many natural skin care brands and cosmetic brands are not truly reflective of their claims.

‘Accredited’ certifications and understanding ingredient listings is the only way for us to highlight clean products.

Brand assessment and evaluating claims, looking at environmental best practice, is what we do.

We choose our brands carefully; the result is that all of our products tick all the boxes to delivering superior results for your skin.

Our favourite products in the Blissoma range are the Blissoma Amend – Facial Solar Repair Anti-aging Serum and Bright – Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum. The Amend is really soothing, a beautiful moisturising serum, and the Bright a beautifully light serum that works amazingly well for puffiness and fine lines and is pretty good with dark circles. We love that these products have an immediate effect, and are packed with actives for long-term benefit.

The one thing that we appreciate about Blissoma is the detailed descriptions of her products at our online store and why these ingredients are great for your skin.  Julie has done really well at making products that are great for your skin and with high-quality ingredients.

Enjoy our video presentation below. This video is done by the formulator of Blissoma Julie Longyear. This highlights the beauty benefits of why you choose natural and organic skincare for you and your family.




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