The best organic exfoliants

by in Skin Care May 8, 2018

The best organic exfoliants.

Check out the exclusive range of our top recommended exfoliants for your skin type.

Aeos Gentle Exfoliant – Suitable for all skin types.

This beauty of revelation is gently effective, it looks and feels like a creamy lotion. Its lavender scent relaxes you and makes the process almost meditative. Key ingredients of this exfoliant come from nourishing Spelt oil as well as Jojoba, Hazelnut, Avocado, Argan, Sweet Almond, Lemon Myrtle, and Lavender oils plus Rosewater and Calendula Extract.

Apply after cleansing to damp skin in a gentle circular massage movement using the fingertips, to effectively exfoliate the skin. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Either exfoliate morning or evening but NOT both.

Mature skin exfoliate 1 time per week.

Normal / Dry / Sensitive skin exfoliate two times per week.

Combination / Oily skin exfoliate up to 3 times per week

Exfoliate naturally with enzymes – Suitable for all skin types especially Acne/oily and sensitive skin.

Siam Seas Mekha Cleansing Balm – suitable for all skin types, especially acne-prone and troubled skin.

If acne and hormonal breakouts are getting you down, we recommend the Siam Seas Mekha Cleansing Balm. This potent herbal cleanser contains extraordinary Southeast Asian botanicals that work synergistically to alleviate inflammation, dissolves dead skin layers, decongest, and stimulate blood flow.

A perfect marriage of healing butter, pure plant oils, and sweet unsprayed raw honey infused propolis and pollen. MEKHA creates a reset button for your skin by fusing with excessive sebum, drawing deep-seated impurities while the queen bee’s royal jelly provides deep enzymatic cleansing to protect your skin against bacteria.

Mekha dual action exfoliates skin manually and enzymatically. With fruit enzymes of Papaya, Lactobacillus Ferment and Pineapple, and the mechanical exfoliators of gentle Jojoba beads and Bamboo.

The invigorating blend of organic essential oils will awaken your senses, soothe you, and lift away your day. It rinses clean with water and quickly spread and melts within your skin touch. The balmy texture helps cushion the exfoliator for sensitive skin.

Breathe deeply and take your time to massage thoroughly with this one. Wipe off the cleansing balm with a warm cloth. A cleanser and exfoliator in one and gentle to use as your second cleanse every day if you have inflamed irritated skin.

Twice a week, switch it up and use this as a mask (you can combine it with the Purifying Herbal Mask) and leave it onto your skin for 30-45 minutes and it gives your face an even, radiant glow. Follow it with the Siam Seas Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum and watch the magic!

Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice cleanser – Wow! We love this cleanser. Smells so fresh and invigorating. With whole brown rice flour and willow bark extracts that gently exfoliates, dissolves dead skin cells and discourages bacteria buildup on the skin. Organic oils of Apricot, Hemp, and Sunflower lifts dirt, leaving soothing nourishment behind.

Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser is a huge customer favourite for its clean citrus scent and amazingly balancing results. Rave reviews come to us regularly about how much people love how it works.

Blissoma Glow Good Earth Exfoliant Powder – Normal, Combination, Oily, Mature, Dull, Congested, Hyperpigmented, not suitable for cystic acne.

Put your “Glow” on with this preservative free, powdered Vitamin C skin treatment that contains powdered organic herbs, grains, clays, fruit enzymes, Green Coffee Extract, Olive leaf, Turmeric and Ginseng Extract.

The level of Vitamin C in this powder is a potent contributor to skin brightness, collagen production, and fine line reduction. Organic Oat flour creates a soothing, Beta-glucan rich base. Bentonite clay pulls toxins out of the skin like a magnet, and a range of antioxidant-rich herbs such as Organic Olive Leaf and Turmeric boost Glow’s anti-aging offerings. Organic Astragalus stimulates and supports the body’s immune system which can improve inflammation, helping heal irritations.

The optimal usage is 2 to 5 times per week. The smell is very earthy, which we think may be due to herbs and Turmeric. Most of our customers usually mix it with their cleansers (fresh and Rejuvenating gel) for a creamier luxurious scrub. If you can get past the smell, it is a great product. Glow will leave your skin feeling smoother, brighter and cleaner.

Clay Exfoliators – Especially beneficial for mature/dry types.

Annmarie Kaolin Micro Exfoliant is a creamy exfoliating facial scrub with hydrating Aloe Vera, cleansing oils, detoxifying green Kaolin Clay, silica-rich diatomaceous earth crystals, antioxidant-rich green tea extract and a beautiful blend of essential oils. The aroma is fresh, earthy and invigorating. It is very gentle on the skin and gives a rich exfoliating experience. Enjoy the healthy glow after you have used this.

Annmarie Ayurvedic Facial Scrub is a dry Indian herbal mix with exfoliating horsetail and fenugreek seeds and mineral-rich Rhassoul clay. You mix this dry scrub with a few drops of water or blend with the Annmarie Aloe Herb cleanser to form a paste. Gently massage paste onto face and neck. Wipe clean with a wet, warm towel. Follow with your favourite serum and moisturizer. Use as needed, 2 to 4 times a week. The texture is soft, and your skin will feel cleansed, smooth and dewy. It has a fresh herbal tea fragrance.

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We hope you enjoyed our article on the best organic exfoliants.

Happy Exfoliating! Tell us your favourite way to use your exfoliator in the comments below.

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