Beauty Cleansing Rituals

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Beauty Cleansing Rituals you can do every day.

Perfect health allows you to achieve anything in life. That next fitness goal, that next adventure, being able to move freely with vitality, being able to live life to the fullest, cannot be achieved if your health, performance, and well-being are compromised. Due to our modern-day exposure to environmental toxicants, poor diet, dehydration, alcohol, pesticides in our food, lack of sleep and exercise, these pathways can become impaired and decreased in their capacity to function. And what about chronic stress that is a killer. When our body has to cope with all these issues, it can become bogged down and heavy. Read more below on some self-nurturing beauty cleansing rituals you can do every day.

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Making conscious choices to detox is about eating clean organic food, avoiding toxic chemicals, having enough restful sleep, moving our bodies, deep breathing, meditation and drinking plenty of pure spring or filtered water.

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Some self-nurturing beauty cleansing rituals rev. up the body’s capacity to flush out toxins and get your glow back. Read on to discover ways to incorporate these relaxing beauty cleansing rituals every day.

Dry Brushing

This ancient Ayurvedic practice stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helping to speed up the removal of metabolic waste from the body. Other benefits are unclogging the pores and exfoliating the skin, which leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft and preparing it for the ready absorption of the nourishing oils and other organic moisturising ingredients in your body wash.

All you need is a natural bristle body brush. Before you step into the shower, brush your dry skin in large, upward stroking motions, always going towards the heart – this encourages lymph flow in the proper direction. Once you get the hang of this, it is only a 1-2 minute addition to your routine, and yes it is totally worth it.

Have a sleep-promoting warm soak.

The therapeutic practice of soaking in a warm bath infused with muscle-soothing, mineral-rich salts ( magnesium chloride ) & spirit-uplifting essential oil scents have been enjoyed in beauty & regenerative rituals, since ancient times. A soak in a warm bath can not only be a relaxing moment after a stressful day – a quiet room, soft lighting, quiet music, and soothing aromas – it can also be an excellent time to help your body eliminate toxins when you add bath salts. The healing properties of salt baths are often used to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. Different salts and minerals have different effects; from relaxing muscles, detoxifying, nourishing, balancing, being anti-inflammatory, softening skin to a general aid in exfoliation, elimination, and healing on all levels.

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Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian practice performed by swishing a high-quality oil (such as organic unrefined coconut oil) in the mouth for about 20 minutes, aiming to pull toxins from the body. Studies show that oil pulling has incredible benefits for oral health – like whitening teeth and preventing disease – but many believe that this practice can help remove toxins from the entire body, bringing overall health to a maximum.

Facial + body massage

Massage can trigger the natural detoxification process of the body. During and after a massage you experience an increase in blood circulation which stimulates the body’s self-cleaning mode, and your system begins to work to flush out toxins.

A critical part of your self-care daily skin care routine is a regular facial massage. A daily facial massage offers many benefits. It’s not just skincare, it is about self-care.

Different massage techniques have different effects and benefits. Massage techniques can stimulate cell renewal, lift and tone, smooth our fine lines, drain fluids and toxins, calm irritated skin and help transport the active ingredients of your skincare products further into the skin to increase their effectiveness. Pressure point massage is ideal for anyone who suffers from tension headaches or sinus problems.

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We hope you enjoyed our article. Do you have any beauty cleansing rituals that you can share with us?

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