Anti-Aging Makeup Tips

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Anti-aging Makeup tips – Makeup tips for Mature Skin.

Anti-aging conjures up treatment serums and eye creams, but you can hide fine lines and look younger just by applying the right makeup and using some few tricks. Read more below for achieving youthful radiance and feeling fabulous into your forties and beyond.

Anti-aging makeup tips – Your skin must be in tip-top condition.

We are sure that you are following this tip, and are using beautiful organic exfoliating and organic moisturisers that are looking after your skin and keeping it in tip-top condition. Age spots and broken capillaries are easy to cover up, but your skin needs to be exfoliated, well hydrated and plump for that makeup finish to give you that youthful glow.

Anti-aging makeup tips – Go for a luminous, dewy finish with your foundation product.

Whether it’s a tinted moisturiser, BB cream or full coverage foundation, prep your skin with organic facial oil or organic moisturiser. These will blur the appearance of the uneven surface and fine lines and plump up your skin for a youthful, hydrated complexion. It creates a smooth base for your foundation.

You can add some organic facial oil to your mineral powder which will give you a subtle dewy finish.

To avoid that “cakey” look, use a sponge. Wet your sponge, squeeze out the water, and put a dab of foundation on the back of your hand. Pick up the foundation you need with the tip and apply it in dabbing motions on your face. You may need to blend it with your fingers to get a beautiful optimal dewy finish.

A Cream Foundation is more opaque and provides better coverage for age spots and broken capillaries. You will find that you will not need as much concealer as you would with a liquid foundation. A Cream Foundation also has moisturising ingredients, so consider this if your skin tends to dryness. If you find that cream is a tad too heavy, adjust its consistency by mixing it with some organic facial oil.

Anti-aging makeup tips – How to use your concealer.

Always use your concealer after your foundation. A concealer is great to use as a highlighter, and you use it after your cream foundation. You will find that you will only need to use small amounts to conceal. For an instant lift, apply concealer to set highlights at the mouth and outer eye corners.

To cover any blemishes or broken capillaries choose a peachy yellow based cream concealer and dab it sparingly over the spot. Blend gently. The yellow base will counteract any redness.

We love using a concealer for brightening up the eye area and cover dark circles. The trick here is to pick an organic eye cream that will plump up the wrinkles around the eye area and feed your delicate skin around your eyes with beautiful soothing, wrinkle-smoothing and anti-inflammatory organic ingredients.

Anti-aging makeup tips – Applying your blush and the finishing touches.

If your skin is becoming a little saggier, getting your blush in the right spot will make sure that your blush does not sit too low – and drag your face downwards. The trick is….don’t smile when applying your blush. Apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks, and diffuse out with a brush out higher towards your cheekbones.

A very light textured blush pressed powder will give you excellent results. Strong colours can have a less than favourable effect after a certain age, making your complexion seem hard and hollow. Soft shades like peach, apricot, pale pink and rose to look fresh and give you a pop of colour.

We love using the Lily Lolo Bronzer to contour. It is lightly textured, and if you apply sparsely, it won’t emphasize lines and wrinkles. It is beautiful to use to dust all over to give you that healthy summer glow.

Loose Finishing Powders are best for reducing shine and are more lightly textured. They help to reduce the appearance of fines lines and imperfections, so they always work well on mature skin. We have found that some of our customers finish with a light dusting of the Chikii mineral powder that is suitable for their skin tone. Always choose one that matches your foundation or complexion exactly.

Apply with a large soft powder brush, dab from forehead to chin, reloading the brush as little as possible. Brush downwards, then gently pat (swirl) your face with the brush from forehead to chin to pick up any excess powder.

Luscious Lips.

Yes, our lips become thinner with age and wrinkles. And the outer corners of our mouth tend to droop.

Avoid lip gloss as it highlights every wrinkle. Use a nourishing organic lip balm that will feed and plump your lips.

To make lips seem fuller and smoother, wear light toned lipstick colours. Abandon dark colours and mattes as they make your lips look thinner. Look at lipsticks that contain anti-aging actives that keep your lips in ship shape condition.

So how do we apply our lipliner and lipstick? Easy, just don’t apply these before you reach those droopy inner corners. Lip liner stops lipstick feathering or “bleeding” into wrinkles, but for a rejuvenating effect, use a concealer. Not only can it prevent feathering, but it also plumps lips up, and works as a corrective highlight to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Apply from the bow of the lip and blend to the mouth corners. Never use a white pencil for this—it creates an artificial effect and looks unprofessional.

It’s a good idea to apply lipstick with a brush for accuracy and to make it stay on longer. But if you find the hard contours, a brush leaves too harsh, use straight from the tube for a softer look.

Eye Makeup.

Softer colours and textures create a diffused definition that always flatters a woman of a certain age. Therefore, use brown or dark grey eyeliner or eyeshadow and mascara in place of black. If you find that liquid and gel eyeliners look harsh or overshadow the natural beauty of your eyes, use kohl instead.

It is time to put the shimmery eyeshadows away and move to matte. Shimmery reflective particles sit in the crinkles and accentuate wrinkles.

If the colours you’ve always worn start to make your eyes look dull and tired, try going lighter. If you’re completely unsure of which colours to choose, you’ll never go wrong with subtle nude or soft earth tones.

To create a subtle lift, line your top lash line with your contour eyeshadow colour or pencil, then use a Q-tip to smudge the line slightly up and out past the outer corner.

Another joy of aging is magically disappearing eyebrows. Softly define your brows using a brow powder that’s a little darker than your hair colour ( blondes of a couple of shades darker ). Pencils are tricky, use a powder and just fill in the gaps. Powder and a pomade look more natural. Softer strokes and the brow will look more natural.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for a polished look that makes you feel beautiful and look amazing. You are welcome to contact us if you have any makeup questions.

The article was written by Sarah – our beauty therapist and makeup artist.

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