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Aeos Review – Why we love Aeos. Aeos products are totally lush, compelling and so holistically beautiful! A skincare range with a powerful holistic approach to nurturing your skin and your emotional wellbeing.

Read below our thoughts and experience using Aeos.

At Natural Beauty Collection, we feel so nurtured, nourished and spoilt with all the luxury organic skincare brand choices that we hand select and test. Finding good quality products that are safe for us and our bodies is really important. We treat ourselves and indulge in skin TLC, and we love the aromas, the textures and the results with every single product.

Aeos Review.

One luxury organic and biodynamic skincare range that is a real standout is Aeos. This ultimate facial holistic treat is luxurious, decadent, gives dramatic results, and even makes you feel good from the incredible heavenly smells. The Crystal Tinctures and colours which are unique, enhance our emotional wellbeing.

This range is beautifully gentle, and a rewarding, pampering regime. The 100% organic essential oils are aromatic and sensual with a firm basis on Rose geranium (which is a perfect balancing essential oil for the skin).

Aeos products are super soft and light on the skin; you only need a tiny amount each time you use them as they last for ages. Applying all of the products in sequence and the layering nature of the Aeos regime takes some time, a time to take care of you, a beautifully intimate experience.

Aeos Review- Why we are big fans of Aeos.

Aeos is incredibly unique.

We love that Aeos carefully follows organic and biodynamic farming methods. Meaning all ingredients are nurtured and grown in a way that gives full of life and vitality without the use of man-made pesticides, chemicals, and fertilisers.

The water in their formulations is drawn from a natural artesian ground source, free from any potential physical or energetic contaminants found in tap water.

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With Spelt Oil being their star ingredient. Spelt oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E plays a part in boost cell regeneration and collagen production. Natural forms of Vitamin E are more potent and readily absorbed through the skin than synthetic forms – and you won’t get anything more natural than the Spelt oil that is grown on their biodynamic farm.

Spelt oil is also a potent source of the rejuvenating essential fatty acids which are crucial for a hydrated, supple complexion, yet harsh weather and aging can both decrease their concentration in the skin. Topical application of our well-absorbed Spelt oil formulations perfectly complements a diet rich in essential fatty acids, efficiently restoring moisture levels of the dry skin.

Now for the energy component …… To give an incredibly nurturing experience.

Aeos imbues real energetic information and harness power with the harmonising qualities of crystals and purified water. Aeos uses Spagyric crystal tinctures that supercharge their skincare to help deliver therapeutic effects for body, mind, and soul. This is adding that little extra something that makes their skincare formulations genuinely unique.

Feel the uplifting and incredibly nurturing and nourishing experience these spagyric tinctures give for your skin and for your emotional wellbeing.

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Aeos Review – Colour.

Colours have the power to enhance our emotional well-being, which in turn can improve the well-being of our bodies and our skin – kindling the radiance within also helps us to glow on the outside. The 100% natural and plant-derived colours in their formulations are specially created to support this process.

Aeos Pink formulations are enhanced with the spagyric crystal essences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubellite, to help support the heart chakra and assist you in achieving the rosy complexion that replenishing these pink qualities within yourself helps to create.

Rose quartz – An ultra-soothing choice for inflamed skin and gentle cleansing, rose quartz is admittedly best known for its love-promoting qualities. So it’s oh so good for fostering self-love, keep one near whenever you feel you need that extra self-care boost.

Opal – Tired and stressed-out? Opal increases vital energy by encouraging the formation of red blood cells. With its supportive power, opal can also offer a dose of optimism and strengthen our will in challenging times.

When you’re drawn to the warm hues of pink, you instinctively recognise the desire to bring more kindness, caring and love into your life. Feeling drawn to pink is a gentle reminder to make space in your life to nurture and look after yourself, just as you cultivate and look after your loved ones.

Being attracted to the calming hues of blue signals the desire to find more peace and serenity in your daily life. To choose blue is to invite stillness and calm within, to find peace and acceptance with our circumstances. Aeos blue formulations are rich in skin-soothing chamomile and enhanced with spagyric crystal essences of amethyst, turquoise, and emerald that help you slow down breathe deep and soothe away the effects of stress from your skin.

Amethyst – Skin break-outs? Sensitised with eczema? Amethyst is your crystal guru. It’s got a soothing effect on frayed nerves too, so if you’re feeling daily jitters and having trouble sleeping, make friends with calming amethyst.

Turquoise – An all-around skin-rescuer, turquoise helps restore sensitised and dry complexions back to radiance. Promoting self-expression, intuition, and confidence, it also makes it the perfect crystal for creative types.


This range of skincare really has to be experienced to be understood. It is wonderfully indulgent, yet a little goes such a long way. A skincare hero for a dehydrated, prematurely aging, environmentally-sensitized or eczema-prone skin.

Aeos is totally 100% natural, use only 100% safe preservatives, are vegan and cruelty-free. You can feel and smell the purity of these products. Overall we are really impressed and no wonder that the Aeos range has won multiple awards, being exceptionally rich in pure advanced organic ingredients, that are anti-aging, and luxurious.

These products feel feather-light on our skins, the results are surprising – supple, smooth, flawless skin, beautiful even-toned complexion. We are so delighted with the glowing clarity of our skins.

We have sample packs of this luxury skincare range at our store. We would love you to give these a trial, and we welcome any feedback.

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