The Importance of doing nothing

by in Skin Care September 20, 2017

The importance of doing nothing – switch off your devices. What makes our lives more meaningful? Do you turn off, rest and relax on the weekends? Do you unplug, and make time to be more creative, to be imaginative, to reflect, to enjoy being bored delightfully to space out and daydream? I have learned that […]

Aloe Vera – Miracle ingredient for skin

by in Skin Care September 7, 2017

The benefits of Aloe Vera as a base ingredient in your organic skin care. Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) is excellent to use for its health, beauty, medicinal and skin care properties. Aloe Vera, “the miracle plant” or “natural healer” helps to heal wounds and is perfect for applying topically to burns, abrasions, psoriasis and insect bites. […]