Energising morning routine

by in Be well, What we love November 22, 2016

Energising morning routine – Be empowered to consciously choose how you start your day. Do you skip breakfast,and begin your day in a hurry…. or hit the snooze button for the tenth time and drag yourself out of bed? Slow movement,low mood,without nourishment, puts your body under a lot of stress.Start your day with joy and […]

Lavender-Healing,Calming,Fragrant and Rejuvenates

by in Be well, Fragrance, Skin Care, What we love November 15, 2016

Lavender relaxes and soothes me,its sensual scent is restful and sedate. We love lavender;beautiful and fragrant, a sweet, floral scent.Lavender essential oil has also been traditionally used in making natural perfumes.The oil is very useful in aromatherapy and many aromatic preparations are made using lavender oil. This  essential oil is also one of the most […]

Sleep better every night

by in Be well, Skin Care November 7, 2016

Sleep better every night – Does having more energy, waking up refreshed and instantly jumping out of bed and ready to go, minutes before your alarm goes off sound good with you? There are two types of people…. morning people and…..night owl people. To morning people, the early hours of the day are a time […]